The Holidays are upon us and this is the time of year right before the New Year when I usually get the question: “Hey Carlo, should I be spending money on Facebook ads during the Holiday season?”  Or, I get this question:  “Mmm yeah, I think I’m going to pause all of my Facebook ads and save some money, what do you think?”  

Well, I think that’s a terrible idea quite honestly.  OK, let me clarify.  If you don’t have a plan, yeah, then maybe you should hold off.  But, there is no reason for you not to have a plan this time of year.  If anything, marketing now is really important to ensure you kick off the New Year right.   

So, instead of not running ads, let me share three tips you can use to increase your conversions and have a great Holiday Season!

#1  Make a video offering FREE tips that relate to your upcoming Challenge and promote it.

Here’s what we are doing:  Between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, we run a Zero Pound Challenge.  Basically, someone signs up for the challenge, and, if they don’t gain any weight, they get their money back.  To get this message across, we record a video explaining why most people gain weight during the Holidays and offer a couple of tips.  Like, we tell them what they should eat, what kind of exercises they should do, and when.  The bottom line is that it all leads back to our Challenge being the solution.  So, record your video and promote it on Facebook. Here’s a Pro Tip:  Promote your Video from Power Editor to ensure you are creating a custom audience.  You should be able to get 1 to 3 cent views and build a custom audience very fast. Then, run ads to that audience.  

So, it looks like this:

  1. Facebook Video Ad (talking about the problem)
  2. Create a Custom Audience of people who viewed the video
  3. Set-up retargeting ads promoting your Challenge (the solution)

#2  Run an opt-in before the Challenge begins.

Offer a FREE entry into your upcoming Challenge in exchange for their email address.  Or, run an opt-in that ties into the next challenge.  We run an opt-in for the Holidays, Burn The Fat, Feed The Hungry.  In this opt-in, we offer a FREE week to those who bring in a canned good.  Then, once they come in, we mention our Zero Pound Challenge!  

Make sense?  I hope so because this is powerful stuff when you apply it.

OK, moving along.  

#3  Offer an early bird special and leverage a countdown timer.

In Robert Cialdini’s book, “Influence,” he talks about scarcity, probably one of the most powerful tools for marketers.  The problem is, most don’t use it correctly.  But, more on that in a minute.  Offer an early bird special to anyone who signs up in advance, then, use a countdown timer 7-10 days before your Challenge starts.  Pro Tip:  Don’t set your timer too far out from the start date because there isn’t really a sense of urgency when the timer is set for 2-3 weeks from the start date. When people see that, they are thinking to themselves:  “I have time, I’ll do it later.”  Which is why you get most sales towards the end of the promotion unless you give people a reason to take action early.  

So, the bottom line is that you should be marketing all the time.  Not necessarily the same thing over and over again.  But, you should always be building your brand or email list even if you don’t want to promote special offers, trials, or challenges.  Yes, even during the Holidays.  

Some of the top marketers spend MORE during the Holiday season on ads, not less!  While I’m at it, the same thing goes for the summer.  I hear it all the time, “Well, summer is slow, better not waste money on marketing.”  Great business owners are always thinking of ways they can be even busier during these times instead of why they can’t.  It’s a mindset shift.  

You should be saying to yourself “how can I make even more money with my marketing?” rather than, “I think I’m going to save my money and not market anymore.”  

Tony Robbins says it best:  It’s all about the power of questions.  What questions are you asking yourself?  Why should you be marketing?  Or, why shouldn’t you?  

I didn’t really plan on making this about mindset.  But, success is primarily 80% mindset and 20% strategy, so I think it’s important to include it.

Are you stressed out about your marketing?  Then let us help you.  Here at Fitness Marketer, we help fitness business owners from around the world come up with a plan and get more consistent leads, month after month on autopilot!  You can schedule your 15-minute strategy session by clicking the link below.


Thanks for reading,

Carlo Bernoni
Chief Operations Officer Fitness Marketer