In this LIVE training, you’ll discover how to leverage the power of automation to create systems so that you have more freedom, while increasing revenue for your fitness business.

Automate Your Fitness Business

  • Document All Tasks

  • Categorize All Tasks

    Are you good at it? Or, are you not good at it?

    Enjoy it, or don’t enjoy it?

    It energizes you, or it drains you?

  • Outsource

    Outsource the tasks that you are not good at, don’t enjoy, and drain you.

  • Create Systems & Processes to Facilitate All Tasks

    8 Essential Systems:

    Operation Systems

    Marketing Systems

    Follow Up Systems

    New Member Sales Systems

    Upsell Systems

    Retention Systems

    Workout Systems

    Duplicate & Scale

  • Create an Organizational Chart

  • Start Building Your ‘A’ Team

  • Duplicate & Scale

It’s so important to systemize and automate your business. If you’re a fitness business owner that’s struggling to separate your work from your life, learn how to “buy back” your time, allowing you to easily grow your business without getting burned out or affecting your lifestyle. Check out my Fitness Business Automation Workshop, and see how I can help you get your life back.

Talk soon,

Jeff Sherman