We are all in the fitness business right? What exactly does that mean? To a lot of people they believe that means they are selling the workout. I hear a lot of people talk about how great their workout is and how their workouts are so hard and so on…


If you are promoting your business this way or are focusing on selling your workouts it is going to make your business a lot harder to grow and sustain. You will also be compared to every other fitness program out there, including the free ones at your local big box gym.


What you want to do is sell results. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says they want to be sold a workout (ok, maybe a few do, like one or two), but what most people want is a specific result. They could really care less about the workout as long as they get the result they want.


You want to be known for getting a specific result for people. Whether that is fat loss, strength training or speed training, it doesn’t matter as long as you are known for something. You might as well choose the one you enjoy the most that way you don’t get bored of it after a few years.


The way you do that is by producing those results, over and over and over again. You do that by creating a system that gets your clients to take their goals more seriously, hold them accountable and creates a community of like-minded people.


If you are only getting a small percentage of your clients results it’s not going to work very well or if you are still using the same 3 testimonials you did 3 years ago you are probably in big trouble.


In my business I am known for helping people lose fat and keep it off. I don’t care about performance or even strength. I do have people that lose the fat and then go on to want to improve their performance and strength and that’s ok. I just refer them to the right person.


In my gym I have over 50 different testimonials and before and after pictures and we pump out new ones every week. This keeps everyone motivated and the momentum just keeps on going.


I am always asked how I do it and how I make it look so easy. First of all, I make it part of doing business with me. When a new client comes in and sees all the before and after pictures the first thing they do is pick out the one they want to look like and say “I want to look like that!”. I say great, I can’t wait for you to be my next success story.


I then introduce them to that person in my program. They are instantly sold. I see a lot of people with before and after pictures of people that either have never been in their program or aren’t in their program anymore. It’s a lot more effective if the people on the wall are working out right next to them.


The other thing I am asked is with having over 250 members how to we get so many people to comply and how do we hold them accountable?


First of all we sit down with each client and go over their goals and have them pick a deadline to reach that goal. We offer unlimited follow up nutrition consultations. We also have them weigh in and take their body fat measurements on a weekly basis.


This is all done easily by using the Fit Clients Software Program. If a client misses a weigh in the software will automatically email them for us. The client feels like we are following up with them and know that they aren’t doing what they are supposed to.


The software will also send me a weekly report letting me know exactly which clients missed their weigh in, which ones weighed in but didn’t get a good result and which ones weighed in and are on pace to reach their goal.


This saves us hours of having to go through each clients profile one by one. The software will follow up by email for us to each member. We will call each member that weighed in but didn’t’ get a good result and schedule a follow up nutrition consultation.


In order for them to get a free nutrition consultation they must log their meals for at least three days so we can go over it line by line. We then suggest supplements to fill in the gaps in their diet and help them stay on track.


We sell both Pro Grade and Bio Trust supplements to our clients. It’s a great revenue stream for us. We are currently bringing in between $2,000 and $3,000 per month from it. It also helps our clients get better results.


We also run 6-week transformation contests a few times year. This is a great way to get new clients and referrals and also motivates your old clients. We require them to send in weekly pictures along with their weight and body fat measurements.


This is how we get most of our testimonials and before and after pictures. And the Fit Client Software program makes it easy to collect the pictures, make the before and after’s and post them to either Facebook or our website.


This is the primary way we market our fitness business. This makes the infrastructure of your business solid and will make any other marketing effort ten times more effective.


If you focus on getting your current clients the results they want you will never have to ask for a referral, it will be automatic. Keep building your community of like-minded people and you will have a solid and stable business for years to come.


And remember… Results + Referrals = Revenue. This is by far the best and most sustainable marketing plan out there. Stay focused on getting your clients results and the rest will take care of itself.topodarab escortsолимпик фитнескогда в танзанию