It’s true… Information is quickly losing its value. Anything you would ever want to know is only a click away. If that is the case then why isn’t everyone successful. Because the value isn’t in the information it’s in the Transformation!

And that is exactly what age we are in now… The Transformation Age. The world doesn’t need another gym, boot camp or fitness gadget to change their lives, just like you don’t need another info product or marketing strategy to grow your business.

Our clients don’t need to be instructed more, they just need to be reminded more. Reminded WHY they wanted to get in shape to begin with. Why did you want to start your own business? Was it to be able to provide the kind of service you wanted to, so you could help people change their lives? Or was it so that you could provide the kind of freedom and lifestyle you wanted for you and your family?

And if your clients reason isn’t big enough to take the action necessary to reach their goals, then it is your job to Transform their way of thinking. You need to change their perspective and raise their ambitions.

And they way you do that is to give more of yourself, not just information. Tell your story and use the perspective you have gained to show them a better way. Nothing bothers me more than when I see a trainer promoting their program by say “Our workouts are better then theirs” or “We have state of the art equipment” blah, blah, blah…

By sharing your own story you are giving people hope that they can do the same thing too. It will raise their ambitions, getting them to think bigger and take action.

It’s time to start giving more of ourselves and less information. It’s time to start reminding our clients that we do care about them and that we really do care about their transformation.

How do we do that? Easy… We go back to doing what we did when we first started. Do you remember your very first client? I bet you treated them better than any other client you have had since. The funny thing is that you probably knew a lot less about fitness and nutrition then.

What would you do differently if the only way you got paid is if your clients got the results they wanted? Do that with every client all the time and you will never have a problem. The question I always get asked when I share this, is how do you continue to do this as you grow your clientele and your business?

One way is empowering your current clients to help you. Have them share their success story. And not just a testimonial on your website. Here are a few ways for you to implement this right away.

1. Have a client of the week or month and interview them and email that to all of your clients.

2. Hang before and after pictures of current members in your gym. Have them write about their experience in the picture. Not just “lost 20lbs in 20 days”. I use the Fit Clients software to automatically collect before and after pictures so I always have new ones going up in the gym.

3. Encourage your best success stories to get involved in your business. I have my best success story, she has lost over 110lbs, lead on of my running groups. She loves having the opportunity to give back!

4. Hold nutrition workshops and have your best success stories present. This has worked great for me. People love to give back, it makes them feel appreciated and rewarded for their hard work.

These things are super simple, but very powerful and they are easy to implement. If you are not doing this in your business, start doing it now.

The next question I get is “Now that my business is growing how do I continue to hold everyone accountable”?

You have to have a process or systems in place to ensure that everyone is being held accountable on a weekly and monthly basis.

Here are a few of the systems I have in place to keep people motivated and hold them accountable.

1. I have mandatory weekly weigh ins. I let them weigh in and test their body fat on their own. I use the Fit Clients Accountability Software to keep an eye on everyone. It will email them automatically if they miss a weigh or if they are not on pace to reach their goal. It will also give me list of names and numbers of clients for me or my assistant to follow up with.

2. I offer unlimited free follow up/nutrition consultations. We only see our clients a few hours a week. It is super important to be able to help them with everything else they have going on in their lives. Giving them a great workout is not enough. The only requirement is that they log 3-4 days worth of meals before they come in so we can go over their diet line by line and make the necessary corrections. We also help them decide which supplements they need to fill the voids in their diets. This will allow you to create a second stream of income and help your clients get better results. I use two different companies, Prograde Nutriton and Joel Marion’s BioTrust.

3. I run at least 3 different contest and challenges per year. This keeps your older clients motivated and also gives them a chance to interact and bond with the new ones. The best times do run contest are in January, right before summer, and in the fall after kids go back to school.  I use Fit Clients for this as well, it makes running contests and challenges a breeze!


This stuff may seem basic, and it is really easy to do. The problem is that it is really easy not to do too! Hopefully I have given you some good information and motivation to get back to doing what you do best and that is caring about people and helping them transform their lives. Stop seeking new information and living in the information age and welcome the Transformation age. The sooner you do, the faster your business will grow.

Committed to your Success,

Jeff “The Transformer” Sherman

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