How Team USA Tapped into the Underdog Role

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By Don Yaeger on Jun 17, 2014 No one expected the United States to make an impact in the 2014 FIFA World Cup—the world’s biggest sporting competition—but Monday our national team shocked the world. Team USA overcame expectations and defeated Ghana 2-1 in a thrilling match, and now soccer fever is (finally) taking our nation by [...]

9 Out Of 10 Trainers Are In The Wrong Business!

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We are all in the fitness business right? What exactly does that mean? To a lot of people they believe that means they are selling the workout. I hear a lot of people talk about how great their workout is and how their workouts are so hard and so on…   If you are promoting your [...]

Bedros Keuilian Interview

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Check out the video below where Bedros Keuilian shares his fitness marketing knowledge that will help you crush it in 2013! Bedros Keuilian was my first Fitness Business Coach/Mentor. He has helped me tremendously in my fitness business. In this 30 min. interview Bedros Keuilian shares his best tips for planning out your year so you [...]

Aj Roberts Interview

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Aj Roberts... The man behind multiple 6 and 7 figure product launches and events comes back to the Fitness Industry with a Vengeance! Check out this 20 minute interview with Aj Roberts. Aj shares what he has been up to over the past few years and what he is doing now. If you ever wanted to transition [...]

Steve Krebs Interview

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Will The REAL Steve Krebs Please Stand Up... Watch this interview I did with Steve Krebs from The Pack Fitness Business. Steve keeps it REAL and gives some real world tips from the trenches that you can implement today. Success model's success and Steve has a pretty good track record that anyone could model and learn from. [...]

No BS Truth About How to Retain Your Clients

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Hey  this is Brian Kalakay the creator of Boot Camp Games™. I am a good friend of Jeff’s. We actually met in San Diego at a seminar. Funny story there: I only planned on attending the seminar for two days and ended up having to stay for three. So at the end of the second day, we [...]

The Information Age Is Over!

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It's true... Information is quickly losing its value. Anything you would ever want to know is only a click away. If that is the case then why isn't everyone successful. Because the value isn't in the information it's in the Transformation! And that is exactly what age we are in now... The Transformation Age. The world doesn't [...]

Success Is A Process

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People come up with ideas and hold on to them like they are lottery tickets. They think that one day it will just happen and all of a sudden they are successful. I love when I hear someone say "They came out of no where!". Nothing could be further from the truth. Every successful person I [...]

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