We believe that the only metric that truly matters is your Return on Investment (ROI). All other metrics are purely indicators telling us what’s wrong or right with the ad or funnel.

Your Ads:

We will be creating your ads within our Facebook Business Manager Agency account. This allows us to get your ads approved and appealed faster, as well as get you the best cost-per-click, due to our collective ad buying power. Unfortunately, this means you will not be able to view the ads in your Business Manager (if you have one), however, you will be receiving a daily report via email with how well your ad is performing.

Ad Spend:

Sometimes it can take a few days or a week to collect enough data to effectively optimize your ad. We have found that after every 200-400 Clicks we are able to make the best strategic decisions regarding your ad. The daily ad budget below will allow you to determine how quickly you can expect to reach every 200-400 Clicks, in which also determines how frequently you will hear from your Ads Manager as well.

Daily Ad Spend to every 200-400 Clicks
$10 daily / 5-6 days
$20 daily / 4-5 days
$30 daily / 3-4 days
$50 daily / every other day
$100+ / every day

Traffic to Website

Great for Low Barrier Offer (LBO) and Traditional Landing Page Opt-ins

Lead Ad

Great for building your email list.

Like Campaign

Great for building your Facebook fan page.

Conservative Conversion Numbers

You will be receiving a daily report via email with your ad performance. Depending on what campaign you are running, below are some conservative conversion numbers for your reference.

For example on a conservative conversion scale:

  • Lead Ad: If you’ve received 50 leads, you should be able to up-sell 5 of them to Paid in Full Members.
  • Low Barrier Offer (LBO): If you’ve received 10 sales from your LBO, you should be able to up-sell 5 of them to Paid In Full Members.