A lot of Social Media Guru’s will tell you that likes are worthless. And they are, just like an email list is worthless if you’re not consistently emailing them and engaging with them with great content and offers. If you treat your fans the same way you do your email list you will create raving fans that actually consume your content, buy your services, and refer their friends.

Here are the 10 Best Tips For Increasing Engagement On Your Facebook Fan Pages

1. Ask Questions If you don’t ask questions then it becomes a one way conversation and you will never really get to know your audience or be able to solve their problems. You have to ask the right questions. Random questions just won’t do.

2. Hold Contests Contests are a great way to boost engagement and get people to refer their friends to your page. We do a selfie contest where they post pics with our brand t-shirt on their Facebook profile and we have them tag our fan page and use a specific hashtag so we can track them. The one with the most likes and comments wins.

3. Timing  Time your post when people are off of work or in transit. Early morning before they leave for work, after work and in the evening. This will give you the best chance of people quickly engaging in your content and Facebook showing it to more of your fans.

4. Frequency More is not always better. We’ve tested this multiple times. Facebook likes quality over quantity. Posting 2-3 times a day is plenty if it’s good content. If your spamming your fan page with countless fit-spiration banners and other generic fitness articles you will see your engagement go down.

5. Photos Using photos will increase your engagement. Use real photos of you and your clients. It doesn’t always have to be before and after pics (though they do get the most engagement), it can just be a pic of you and your clients having fun working out. Make sure you tag your clients and give them recognition.

6. Facebook Live Facebook Live video is currently the best thing you can do to increase engagement. Arrange a live Q&A session for your fans and watch how much engagement you get!

7. Call To Action If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Tell your fans exactly what you want them to do. Don’t ask them to like and share stuff too much…  Facebook looks down on that. They assume if you have to ask for the like and share it’s not good content. Ask them if they like your page and content to invite their friends. You can ask them for reviews. You can also tell them to click through to your website for a special download or offer.

8. Play Off Of The News Anytime health or fitness is in the news you want to mention it and tell you opinion about the subject. You want to be the first person they hear the news from, that way you get the credit for it when they tell all their friends.

9. Post Other People’s Content Find local businesses that cater to the same clientele you do. Share their posts (the good ones anyways) and make sure you tag the page that created the content so their clients will see that you shared it.

10. Share Your Stories Most people live boring lives and live vicariously through you. So share your personal stories, the good the bad and the ugly. You can pull out health, fitness and even life lessons from those stories. People like to hear that you struggle too, just like them.

That’s it… Start implementing these strategies right away and you will see a dramatic increase in your fan page user engagement. You will also see that your ads will start converting better. The reason for that is that you are now creating actual fans that know like and trust you enough to take you up on your offers.

Talk to you soon, Jeff Sherman

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